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Biochemical testing is important to ensure that you are following the right diet and nutritional guidelines for you as an individual. So that you can have the right test and bespoke recommendations, feel free to complete our symptoms questionnaire or contact us .

Food Sensitivity

The Food Sensitivity Test is ideal for those suffering from symptoms of low energy, with irritable bowel syndrome, or irritable bowel disease. This test is clear and conclusive, and provides analysis for over 90 foods, showing plainly to what extent each specific food is problematic to your body, if at all.

Ours is by far the most researched and robust food sensitivity test out there. In fact, in two separate studies, the particular methodology in our food sensitivity test has proved extremely effective in helping people with IBS and IBD.

At GC Biosciences, what’s important to us is that we endeavour to make test results as easy to understand as possible, to the everyday person. Our food sensitivity test results are colourful, graphical and it’s easy to see how they relate to the dietary recommendations.

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry

The Comprehensive Blood Chemistry test is a perfect way to determine the optimal health and dietary needs for those who are looking to either achieve optimal performance or simply want a general health check. Over 30 analytes are tested and analyzed to determine both vitamin and mineral load and function. This test also provides the status of liver, kidney and thyroid systems, as well as cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors.

Health professionals and non-professionals alike can need advice for picking the best test for a health goal or challenge. That’s why we offer a free expert phone consultation to understand your health and recommend the best test for your need.

To claim your free phone consultation, just complete our medical questionnaire and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

The Comprehensive Digestive Analysis

The microbiome test will be a screen of bacteria and yeast balance and include parasitology. This is one of the most comprehensive tests that can be performed for a person with extreme symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (bloating, abdominal cramps, gas). These results will be discussed in a post-test consultation to explain the results and how they impact you health and training goals.

To claim your free phone consultation, just complete our medical questionnaire and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

DNA for Diet, Health and Wellbeing

Through a simple-at-home-saliva test you can discover the root of your genetics/ DNA that determine through a detailed analysis of 101 genetic variants, micro- and macro-nutrients (carbohydrates and saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids), metabolism of alcohol, coffee and lactose, responses to physical activity, propensity for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, weak bones and obesity, if you are prone to oxidative stress – which implies to speed of ageing. In total the test analyses over 110 genetic variations. A unique algorithm is used to calculate diet and daily calorific intake and you’ll find detailed nutritional tables so you can plan meals as well as a detailed genetic analysis related to you, your diet and lifestyle..

To claim your free phone consultation, just complete our medical questionnaire and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

The Toxic Elements Clearance Profile

The Toxic Element Clearance Profile is a toxic exposure test which measures urinary excretion of a diverse range of potentially harmful elements. Both well-known toxics such as lead and mercury, and new technology toxins such as niobium are assessed

To claim your free phone consultation, just complete our medical questionnaire and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

How We Work With You

Here’s the timeline of the client journey that starts once you fill in the symptoms questionnaire:


Initial Consultation

With the questionnaire filled, one of our consultants will get in touch with you for a complimentary phone-call consultation or in-person meeting. This consultation is essential because it helps us recommend the right test for you.


Sample collection

After the consultation and with the right test matched to you, the next step is sample collection. A qualified phlebotomist will collect your blood sample at our consultancy rooms at the world-famous Harley Street, London.


Laboratory Analysis

With the blood samples collected, the analysis is then done at the most advanced and fully accredited laboratories in conventional testing. These use the latest technological trends to ensure a high level of quality and very specific accuracy.


Follow Up Consultation

After successful interpretation of the results, we then follow-up with you to apprise you on the results summary and present recommendations from the experts. This consultation ensures that you completely understand the results and their implication for improving your health and and well-being.


Further Support

As part of the package, we remain available to provide even more follow-up support on the nutritional recommendations, your progress and any other questions you may have. This support is offered via phone or email.
If needed, we can arrange further consultations.

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