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Our partnership program is ideal for personal trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists or medical doctors and more.

As a health professional, you’re only as good as the information you work with. With our partnership program, you will be working with the expert health information and latest technology in laboratory testing available. Plus, you get to save on both time and money.

Yes, when you partner with us, you enjoy a up to 30% off every time, and we practically do all the work for you. This means, you get to spend more time focusing on your business and clients and getting great results, leading to increased referrals.

As a GC Biosciences partner, you get up to 30% OFF for you or your clients whenever you use our services.

Why Partner With GC Biosciences ?

Our partnership program is unlike any other and comes with exclusive benefits. When you work with us or refer your clients to us, here’s what it means for your business and clients;

  1. As a GC Biosciences partner, you get up to 30% OFF for you or your clients whenever you use our services.
  2. We do all the work for you.
    • speak to your clients
    • arrange sample collection
    • post-test interpretation and health recommendations (the best supplements and diet to get the ideal results).
  3. We offer a hassle-free biochemical testing service throughout the UK focused on making test results easy-to-read and understood by the everyday client. We follow up all of our tests with a post-test interpretation and recommendations, as well being available on the phone or email for each individual client and partner.
  4. We’re the best in the industry with the most powerful, robustly researched and proven tests; we rely on in-depth analysis of a client’s biochemistry to make customized recommendations.
  5. For your sake, we are located conveniently on Harley Street, where you can
    • Access our experts’ panel (medical doctors, health consultants, nutritionists, lab technicians)
    • Exclusively access our research center
    • Access 24-hour advice and support through a members’ messaging service, text, email or scheduled calls
    • Send your clients for blood draws anywhere in the UK or have convenient home test kits

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