Corporate and Employees

Healthier, higher performing people = better business

Employee health = increases in performance and profitability.

The world of work is changing. We are entering the ‘Human Age’ where human potential will be the major agent of economic growth’. However, that potential is being challenged by three key factors: poor retention of employees, health risk and poor productivity, all of which are intricately connected.

GC Biosciences understands that it is crucial for employees to be healthy and businesses to help them achieve this to enable an effective work-load and decreased sickness.

Using GC Biosciences biochemical testing reveals in-depth analysis of an employees biochemistry and exposes certain factors that can prevent them from reaching their potential. Revealing these factors and implementing the correct dietary and lifestyle changes helps remove those barriers and delivers superior results leading to increased health. Not only do we organise the logistics, but our in-house team of experts including nutritionists, doctors, clinical scientist and researchers along with working with highly qualified professionals allows us to provide a support network to assist the company and employee any way required.

Ready to help your employees reach their optimal health potential

How it Works?

GC Biosciences operates a smooth operation for all companies. By asking employees to complete our short symptoms questionnaire, they will find out the best testing and dietary methods to increase their health and wellbeing. We will make sure everything is organised from payment, delivery or blood collection, test interpretation and report delivery.

With exclusive pricing for companies, our innovative services will benefit your business and your employees.

Free Health and Nutrition Seminars

GC biosciences will not only provide the most innovative services from the most credible laboratories to the individual employees but we will also be happy to visit your company to run a FREE seminar. This seminar will contain some simple techniques to improve a person’s health and wellbeing through good quality nutrition.  We will also, happily speak with clients before and after the seminar session to discuss their diet, nutrition and symptoms.

GC Biosciences believes it is important for companies to look after their staff and by applying good diet, nutrition and lifestyle principles this can be made simple. Therefore, we will discount 25% off all employees first order..

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