Vitamin D Levels and the Risk of Cancer

In the 1980s it was found that there was a correlation between higher incidence of bowel cancer and receiving less sunlight. More recently, low levels of vitamin D and the increased risk of cancers has been reported, however recommendations are still unclear.

Therefore researchers in San Diego decided to investigate further by measuring blood vitamin D levels in two groups of over 1,100 women in each group. Lower levels of vitamin D (75 nmol/l) in this study showed a higher risk of cancer than the group with the higher vitamin D levels (120 nmol/l vitamin D).

This research performed, among others has shown that vitamin D has an inverse relationship with cancer risk and 2010 recommendations of being above 50 nmol/l have been shown to be too low and may need to be increased to 125 nmol/l. Furthermore, at GC Biosciences after taking over 2000 blood samples over 4 years, we can report that ~90% of people tested were under the 75 nmol/l range.

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