The importance of vitamin D in maternity

The status of nutrients in maternity is important in fetal development. There is significant research to suggest that the role of vitamin D and calcium will be important to support skeletal development during pregnancy. The blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (the most important marker) from the umbilical cord are highly correlated with maternal circulating vitamin D status.

This represents that maternal vitamin D correlates with neonatal (new born) vitamin D status. A recent systematic review has reported that 54% of pregnant women and 75% of newborns are vitamin D deficient regardless of the widespread knowledge of importance of vitamin D.

Currently the Endocrine Society Task Force deemed vitamin D deficiency as concentrations <50 nmol/l and recommended a target of 75 nmol/l, however the research is ongoing and this may be a underestimation of the actual needs.

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