The Breast Microbe and the Link to Cancer

Breast milk is well know for its healthy attributes including providing good bacteria to help the immune system of a new born baby for the first 3 months. Researchers from Western University in Ontario, Canada decided to take this one step further and investigated the using 16S rRNA to sequence the bacterial microbe of the breast tissue in women aged 18-90.


The research group decided to test the breast bacterial microbes of women in different stages of breast cancer. Interestingly they found a strong link between the B2 phenotype (biochemical characteristics) E-coli, which codes for a toxin called colibactin. Colibactin is a genotoxin (a toxin that attacks genetic material) that attacked DNA, which is a cause of cancer and has been found previously in colon cancer patients.


Therefore, it seems that after more research and understanding the breast microbe could be used as a marker to determine the development of breast cancer.

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