Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

This is a very good video by nutrition facts who present the research on gluten sensitivity and the reality of this. As research is limited and more is needed, some of the key points are:

  • There is evidence of non-celiac based gluten sensitivity
  • Patients previously were sent to psychiatrists by GP’s when presenting with IBS and related symptoms when they indicated a sensitivity to foods
  • Medical industry has a history of dismissing symptoms such as post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis etc and people who help these issues as quacks and alternative practitioners and later been shown to be true physiological conditions
  • On the alternative there is an abundance of claims related to gluten free diets becoming the new carb free
  • Subjects in a randomised controlled trial showed that whether eating gluten or not the felt better, although the effects where larger in the gluten-free trial, showing there may have been a psychological element
  •  A later study masked the trials better with capsules and found that when on a wheat free diet they felt significantly better presenting a wheat sensitivity.
  • Conclusion: There may not be a gluten sensitivity at all, although other food sensitivities such as wheat, eggs, dairy maybe causing symptoms. Although gluten sensitivity should not be dismissed and you should ask your nutritionist for advice.
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