How GC Biosciences Testing Helped Charles

Meet Charles Lawrence Brown, a client of Paul Burges, who talks about his experiences with GC Biosciences. Charles Lawrence Browne, specifically performed the food sensitivity test along with some blood chemistry to monitor his health, vitamin, and mineral status. As you can see Charles is very happy with the results!

If you would like results like Charles, and you are a member of the public please visit our consultancy page by clicking here once you contact us, we can tell you more about the food sensitivity testing. If you are a personal trainer or nutritionist and would like to use GC Biosciences test range to help your clients please click the button below.


GC Biosciences Policy on Research

There is a fine line between providing research to support claims and protecting intellectual property. GC Biosciences will provide research to support their claims to all current clients, affiliates and partners. This research can be accessed through a request to the head office or practitioner logins. If a member of the public wishes to seek further information from GC Biosciences about research, please email the head office using our contact us form and the science team will review and consider your request and reply to you within fourteen days.

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