Finally Better Vitamin D3 Advice

On Wednesday News Outlets where discussing recommendations for Vitamin D3 supplementation in the winter months in the UK. The recent research vitamin D have sparked suggestions for everyone to take supplementation of vitamin D during the winter months in the UK.

A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to muscle weakness and brittle bones among some other related health conditions being discovered every day in this field of research.

The Guardian has said;

“More than one in five people have low levels of vitamin D, which is essential for keeping teeth and bones healthy, according to recent data published by PublicHealth England“.

GC Biosciences have been testing 25 hydroxyl (25-OH) – Vitamin D3 for over three years and it is one of the leading vitamins we find recommending on a daily basis due to deficient levels in the blood.

Although, the recommendations are for everyone to increase vitamin D every day, there is a genetic element that may mean that people do not need this. Therefore, testing levels in the summer and winter months and then supplementing accordingly makes more sense.

We will be showing an out of all the tests we do in one year, what percentage of people test deficient. Please like and share this article if you are interested in seeing this.

If you would like to discuss Vitamin D3 supplementation and get personal recommendations, click here to visit our consultancy page and contact us to get your to book a consultation today. If you are a fitness professional and would like to know more about Vitamin D3 supplementation for your clients please click the button below.

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GC Biosciences Policy on Research

There is a fine line between providing research to support claims and protecting intellectual property. GC Biosciences will provide research to support their claims to all current clients, affiliates and partners. This research can be accessed through a request to the head office or practitioner logins. If a member of the public wishes to seek further information from GC Biosciences about research, please email the head office using our contact us form and the science team will review and consider your request and reply to you within fourteen days.

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