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Anti-depressants showed virtually no difference in the improvement of symptoms

Antidepressants and their effectiveness

Depression is a state of low mood and will affect a person’s wellbeing and state of mind. It is reported that ¼ of the British population will suffer from this condition  throughout the course of a year with mixed feelings of anxiety and depression and in total this condition affects 350 million people throughout the world.

Kirsch et al. (2008) performed a meta-analysis of all clinical trials submitted to the food and drug administration for the licensing of anti-depressants. This study was performed due to the fact that doubts still remain on the efficacy of prescription of anti depressants.

The conclusion of this meta-analysis was that anti-depressants showed virtually no difference in the improvement of symptoms compared with a placebo in patients with moderate depression and only a small difference in people with severe symptoms of depression.

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