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From the renowned Harley Street, we conveniently position ourselves as your private health management companion of choice. We want you to feel the best you can and  attain your health and productivity goals!


IBS? Unexplained low energy? Discomfort from bloating? With our premium health service and the benefit of the latest technology in laboratory testing, we will relieve you from the ordeal of these chronic and persistent health problems.

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The drive of our founders, Calum and Rob, was to provide a client-centered testing service where the test results and health recommendations are explained simply to the everyday person.



Our test results and dietary recommendations are comprehensive, detailed and are graphical. They’re presented in a way that is easily understood by experts and clients alike.



One of experts will get in touch with you for a complimentary consultation to first understand your needs and pains and subsequently match you to the best-suited biochemical test.

Exclusive Premium


What we offer you is a private service and premium health experience. One unlike what you will find in everyday healthcare. One tailored for the satisfaction of each client’s health needs.

A Premium Health Service To Turn To For Your Health Needs

Your health conditions are unique to you. In this era of conflicting health information and research, how do you decide what is right for your body? With biochemical testing, your individual bodily conditions inform our recommendations for your dietary and lifestyle changes.

Health or Fitness Professional? Come Partner With Us

As a health professional today, you’re only as good as the information you work with. Partnering with us opens our private doors to your business; advanced labs, panel of experts and dedicated research center.

Join our partnership program and leverage our exclusive member rates and referral programs to stand out from the crowd.

The Tests We Offer

Ours are by far the most robust and most researched tests out there, backed by scientific research and proven efficacy.


Biochemical testing utilizes biochemistry to take a deeper dive than ordinary blood tests. Since the 20th century, biochemistry has enjoyed the spotlight as the science that explains the causes of numerous diseases in human beings as wells in animals and plants alike.


Biochemistry tests can be used to provide explanation for the functioning of a host of different organisms and body systems including the neurosystem, the brain, hormonal levels, vitamin and mineral levels, and changes in the vital organs.


Results from biochemical tests pin-point the exact problematic foods as well as exact problematic bacteria and elements in the system. This provides for straightforward information to work with in crafting the perfect health solutions and making nutritional decisions

Food Sensitivity Test

This popular test is a straightforward one ideal for the relief of irritable bowel disorders and low energy.  Analyzing over 95 foods, ours is by far the most robust food-sensitivity test you’ll find.

The test results enable us design a three-part program for you; first to omit the reactive foods, then gradually re-introduce them to your diet, and finally, embark on a maintenance phase.

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry

This test is identical to a general health check-up, and is designed to help you achieve optimal performance. Here, we analyze over 30 blood properties to determine your optimal health and dietary needs as well as changes.

This test also provides information on the status your vital organs including the liver and kidney, and help us to determine your vitamin and mineral levels.

It All Starts With A Free Consultation

Simply fill in our short questionnaire to give us a better understanding of your symptoms. One of our
experts will then reach out to you for a 15-min phone consultation to discuss the ideal testing options.

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