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GC Biosciences was created to fill a gap in the health and fitness industry. Our aim is to provide clients with the necessary tools to ensure they stay healthy or improve their health. Take charge of your health don’t wait for it to become poor and ask someone to fix it.

For Private Clients

GC Biosciences takes on a number of clients each year to either help them improve health, aid in the management of IBS or IBD, lose weight or help improve poor health. If you wish to make an appointment to see if we can help, please contact us or if you’re unsure if we can help you please fill out our symptom’s questionnaire.

Health and Fitness Professionals

GC Biosciences works with doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers and other health practitioners. Once a practitioner partners up with GC Biosciences we provide a platform not only for tests we also offer advanced reporting software, up to date recommendations on health, nutrition and fitness, as well as a Health Hub where the practitioner can use the skinfold measurement software if they take measurements with skinfold callipers and have access to the macro nutrient software, being able to calculate calories and macronutrients instantly. To find out more information please see our Health and Fitness Professionals Page or Contact us.

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