Health Professionals,

Personal Trainers and Nutritionists

Want to deliver faster results for your clients?

Use science to set your self apart

Personal trainers and nutritionists operate in a crowded marketplace where the professional is only as good as the most recent results. By offering biochemical testing from GC Biosciences, fitness professionals have a unique tool, which opens a client’s individualised biochemistry for analysis in a simple and understandable format.

Using GC Biosciences biochemical testing reveals in-depth analysis of a clients biochemistry and exposes certain factors that can prevent them from reaching their goals. Revealing these factors and implementing the correct dietary and lifestyle changes helps remove those barriers and delivers superior results far quicker.

How it Works?

GC Biosciences operates a membership program with fitness professionals and nutritionists. By completing our short form and becoming a member, you can immediately start ordering tests. Benefits of Membership include a discounts on all tests. This pricing is exclusive to Members and can be used as many times as needed, for both the client and the professional. Other benefits our access to the GC Biosciences experts panel, which includes health scientists, medical doctors, clinical nutritionists and customer relationship managers. Access to the GC Biosciences research centre is also included.

With exclusive pricing for fitness professionals, our innovative services will benefit your business and your clients.

Expand your training with education in biochemistry

Members not only receive discounts on all testing options but they also get to extend their knowledge through our free online educational seminars and interactive content. These online resources include how to read and implement dietary and supplement actions for scientifically valid testing.  Also, you will be supported by the team of experts at each step of the way and have access to medical experts and health professionals when you become part of our network to ensure the reports are understood, and the recommendations delivered correctly.



Become a Member

Becoming an Member is as simple as completing our sign up form. Once your application has been processed, you can start enjoying discounts off each test and gain access to the GC Biosciences educational content and work with GCB and our experts as a partnership.

GC Biosciences believes it is important for their members to take part and experience testing for themselves.